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the woman of the fields

Contadina is an Italian word meaning 'woman of the fields', a symbol of the care and passion that women of old poured into the making of savoury dishes.


authentically mediterranean

For Contadina, the taste and authenticity of a dish is directly influenced by the relationship between an individual and their ingredients.

Tomatoes from California, olives from Andalucia, durum wheat from Canada: it's the inseparable combination of place and passion.

When every ingredient is grown with love, mastery and effort, the result is a reward unlike any other: a harvest that tells a story, one of anticipation, awe and fulfillment. Each produce, a hand-picked masterpiece, unmatched in color, fragrance and flavor.

our home cook

The philosophy of Mediterranean cuisine is rooted in an unwavering respect for every ingredient. No home cook exemplifies this time-honoured value more than renowned cookbook author, Nigella Lawson.

Our self-taught domestic goddess believes that the story of a delightful dish begins with its ingredients - when home cooks can trust their ingredients, it allows them to cook from the heart and create gorgeous flavours that their loved ones can enjoy.

With Contadina, Nigella aims to bring simplicity, authenticity, and passion to every home cook's kitchen.